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Welcome to Summer at Hampton Tennis Center

8/25/2017 First day of the Perk Crain Open Doubles Tournament!!

Next tennis social - did someone say - Tennis Luau, oops, that was the last one, great time by all?

What tournaments in our area are happening this week, check the calendar.


Check out Summer Camp Schedule also!!


If you have questions regarding any of the following, please feel free to call  Hampton Tennis Center at 757-727-1193.

WEATHER POLICIES:   Hampton Tennis Center will not hold classes when the weather meets any of the following requirements as determined by the Weather Channel’s website, and using zip code 23663.  All players or students are encouraged to visit the Weather Channel website prior to coming to the Tennis Center, if there is any question of a class being canceled (See class make-up policy below).

RAIN:  Rain outs are caused when there is sufficient rain that causes the lines on the tennis court to become slick.  Due to the unpredictable nature of rain we cannot always provide sufficient warning for the cancellation of classes.  Any classes that are in session when rain starts will be considered completed when at least 25 minutes have past for a one hour class, or at least 10 minutes have past for a half hour class.

LIGHTING:  Due to the fact that the courts are outside lightning can be a factor, even when there is no rain.  

Cold:  The weather will be deemed to be too cold for classes when the wind chill (that is the ambient air temperature and the added wind effect) are combined to be below freezing or 32 degrees Fahrenheit or 0 degrees Celsius as determined by the Weather Channel’s website, and using zip code 23663.

HEAT:  The weather will be deemed to be too hot for classes when the heat index reaches 115 degrees Fahrenheit or 46 degrees Celsius as determined by the Weather Channel’s website, and using zip code 23663.

MINIMUM STUDENT POLICY:   Due to the time requirements and the costs associated with tennis instruction at Hampton Tennis Center there will be a minimum of 3 students in a class for it to be considered to have “made”.  The first class of all sessions will be held, unless the student(s) has been called to inform them that there are insufficient students in the class and it is canceled.  If a class does not make, the staff at Hampton Tennis Center will do all that we can to help find a substitute class for you to join.  If we are unable to find a suitable class for you, we will offer a refund or credit to your account to register for the next available session.  Due to the requirements for a certain number of students in each class we request that you register at your earliest convenience so we are able to ensure all classes are filled.  In the case that a particular class is "full", we will place you on a wait-list for that class.  If there are sufficient students on any wait list we will work to create a new class for the extra students.

CLASS MAKE-UP POLICIES:  Classes may be canceled due to weather related issues listed above or in the case an instructor is not able to teach the class.  In the case that a class is canceled due to weather or staff absences, the class will be made up at the end of the program on the same day and time originally held. If scheduled classes are unable to be made-up, due to center cancellations the center will issue a credit voucher, good for another class.  If a student in unable to make a class due to illness, scheduling conflict or injury, the tennis center IS NOT responsible for providing any reimbursement to the student.  In the case a player sustains a long term injury we may provide a refund to the student when the student provides proof of the injury via a doctor’s notice or other suitable proof.


Please not that the Tennis Center is closed from the first day of November until the first week of April. To get to the Tennis Center, take I-64 East to Exit 267. Take a left at the light and after crossing under I-64, bear left. The Tennis Center will be on your left and is located next to the Woodlands Golf Course on Woodland Road.

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