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How Apple Mail Technical Support Recovery Password ?

Posted by: jameswilliom on 01/03/2018 05:03 AM

Many ways are there that can help you in your password recovery, but we are discussing about the recovery option that is powered by our security questions.

1. Please enter your Apple ID

2. Select ‘get an email’

3. You will get an email to your primary or rescue email address

4. It will contain a recovery key

5. Enter this recovery key (verification code) carefully

6. Please follow the authentication steps

7. Move into ‘settings’

8. Select iCloud

9. Hit ‘your name’ option

10. After that, select ‘change password’ in password & security option

11. Please enter a new password

You could also recover your password by answering your security questions. It is as easy as the above mentioned method. Please contact Apple Mail Technical Support for the steps. Powered by their knowledge and user friendly approaches, qualified professionals will guide you in recovering your password by security questions.

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Added by jameswilliom
2 weeks ago

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