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Welcome to Summer at Hampton Tennis Center

8/25/2017 First day of the Perk Crain Open Doubles Tournament!!

Next tennis social - did someone say - Tennis Luau, oops, that was the last one, great time by all?

What tournaments in our area are happening this week, check the calendar.


Check out Summer Camp Schedule also!!

Tips to Build Points During a Match

Tennis players who are successful in tournaments, league matches or even in a friendly game have learned how to use a combination of shots built around their strengths and style of play.  When used effectively, the player will build points employing one--or all--of these tactics.

SERVE AND VOLLEY:  Don't just spend time working on your serve. Practice coming forward after your serve too. No matter how good your serve is, you must create confidence to come in and volley. Do this by serve and volleying all the time and creating a muscle memory.  To practice this, serve and then come to the net immediately. Have the returner hit the ball back to you to help gain confidence. As you get more comfortable, have your tennis partner make the return of service more difficult.

COMING TO THE NET EARLY:  Practice coming into the net when playing points or just rallying. This tactic occurs when the returner takes advantage of a second serve by coming into the net. This is a good time to use the chip and charge, a shot in which the returner chips the ball back and comes to the net.


First volleys usually takes place in the vicinity of the service line. However, don't follow this common practice because when you volley from this position you have no other choice but to volley deep to the corners or deep down the center.   This might have worked a few years ago when many players played several feet behind the baseline. Today, players are much closer to the baseline and will be able to take advantage of an attacker who stops on the baseline.

 PLAY TO YOUR STRENGTHS:  Most successful players define their game plans around their strengths. When they go into battle they will try to get to their strengths as much as possible.  Players used to come back to the center mark after hitting a ball, but today the majority of players go to their forehand as much as possible. When they hit an offensive forehand, they will automatically start moving well over to their backhand side to hit another forehand.

HAVE A GAME PLAN:  Know what your good at and formulate a loose plan before the match. If you have a great drop shot or hit the angles well, plan to use them.

WHAT IS YOUR STYLE:  Many people don't understand that style is the product of techniques and grips. Semi Western to full western grips will for the most part hit balls with spin. A strong eastern to semi western grip will produce a little less spin.

MIND AND BODY STRENGTH:  The mental approach and physical conditioning will play a huge impact on your style of play as well. Frustrated players are often a result of not being in tip top shape. They will often go for quick points with no margin for error.

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