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Welcome to Summer at Hampton Tennis Center

8/25/2017 First day of the Perk Crain Open Doubles Tournament!!

Next tennis social - did someone say - Tennis Luau, oops, that was the last one, great time by all?

What tournaments in our area are happening this week, check the calendar.


Check out Summer Camp Schedule also!!

5 Summer Safety Tips for Kids & Parents

Attention parents: summer is here and school is out so that means vacation has begun.  It’s time for trips to the playground, camping in the backyard, vacations to the beach, and swimming in the pool.  Summertime is a season of fun and enjoyment especially in Virginia.  We only really get three months of nice weather so let’s enjoy them while we can.  But part of having fun is being safe.  With that said, here are five important safety reminders to keep in mind this summer. 

1. Lather Up!

Always lather up the sunscreen regardless of age and skin type! Apply about a shot’s glass worth of sunscreen 15-20 minutes before heading outside.  Make sure to use SPF30 (and up) with UVA and UVB protection to reduce any health risks.  Helpful hint: if using sunscreen and bug repellant, rub first then spray! If you are using spray sunscreen remember to rub it in!

2. Hydrate, Hydrate, Hydrate! 

I cannot stress this enough people.  Water is the top option to keep your active children hydrated while out in the sun; it can even help you avoid injury in the gym.  Forget sports drinks that are high in sugar, just throw some lemons or limes in your water to mix things up a bit.  Avoid sodas, fruit drinks, and juices.  Also keep your eye out for the signs of dehydration: fatigue, dizziness, dry mouth, dark urine, and irritability. 

3. Avoid Those Leaves of Three 

Poison ivy, oak, and sumac are pesky plants that can cause some itchy irritations. Not only that, but redness, hives, and blisters may also appear.  Be sure to cover up exposed skin and wear proper clothing when camping or playing in wooded areas.  Prescription and over-the-counter medications can help treat moderate to severe rashes but try a cool shower or oatmeal bath for those milder cases.     

4. Don't Let the Bugs Bite

The bugs are out again!  Mosquitoes, bees, ticks are everywhere.  Use necessary precautions such as repellants (with low DEET percentage, of course) and proper clothing to avoid nasty bites and stings.  For a DEET repellant alternative try a repellant with oil of lemon-eucalyptus. Also be vigilant on your tick checks! Hair, legs, underarms, around the waist, everywhere!  Using fine tipped tweezers with help remove ticks and stingers safely.

5. Practice Pool Safety

Pools are open and that means tons of swimming! So safety is of the utmost importance.  The numbers for drowning and near-drowning incidents for children is astonishingly high.  So be sure to leave no children unattended in or around the pool, no matter their age or swim ability.  Fencing around in-ground pools so be at least 5 feet tall to make access to the pool more difficult.  Installing an alarm to the gate around your pool may also help in warning you of someone entering the pool area unattended.

We at HTC would like to wish you a safe and happy summer season! We hope you keep these five tips in mind while you enjoy the great fun of summer with your family.

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