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Welcome to Summer at Hampton Tennis Center

8/25/2017 First day of the Perk Crain Open Doubles Tournament!!

Next tennis social - did someone say - Tennis Luau, oops, that was the last one, great time by all?

What tournaments in our area are happening this week, check the calendar.


Check out Summer Camp Schedule also!!

5 Quick Nutrition Tips For A Healthier Summer

In order to lose fat off our bodies, we need to create a hormonal environment that encourages fat burning and makes us eat less food automatically.
  • Eat these healthy foods: meat, fish, eggs, nuts, seeds, healthy fats, non-starchy vegetables and the occasional fruit.
  • Avoid these unhealthy foods: sugar, grains, vegetable oils, trans fats, artificial sweeteners and other processed products. 

2. Pick Things Up & Put Them Down

Abs are made in the kitchen, but supporting your immune system and bone health with resistance training is key to a healthy lifestyle.  Put down the colored weights and move some iron.  Strong is the new skinny.

3. Put The Sports Drinks Where They Belong, On An NBA Bench

Gatorade et al may be good on occasion for guys running and jumping up and down a floor for 48 minutes, but for the average person, sugary drinks do nothing but cause a rush of insulin like a hole blown in the hoover dam.

4. Pack A Cooler

You’re much less likely to stop at the drive through if you bring a snack with you to work.  Nuts, snap peas, or an apple are great examples that you can pack in your car for the day and provide satiety until your next meal.

5. Don’t Fool Yourself

Most people underestimate their calorie intake, and then don’t understand why they can’t lose weight.  Be honest, write things down.  The only person you have to prove anything to is in the mirror.

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